WARN VR EVO 12-S [103255]
WARN VR EVO 12-S [103255]
WARN VR EVO 12-S [103255]
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, WARN VR EVO 12-S [103255]
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, WARN VR EVO 12-S [103255]

WARN VR EVO 12-S [103255]

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NOTE: **This winch comes with a Wired Remote which plugs directly into the winch **

The perfect winch to bolt to your VICE Integrated Winch Mount or tuck behind our MOD v2 Series Bumpers. We've tailored our winch mounts to work perfectly with the EVO Winches because we feel they are the best for the money. 

We’re stoked on these new winches by WARN.

  • The controls are refined, operate smoothly, and are easy to use.

  • The clutch handle has a built in detent which locks into place. This give you confidence knowing that it wont pop out of gear.

  • The small packaging also has an IP68 rating. This means the motor and gears are protected against constant submersion in water!

  • It comes pre-spooled with synthetic rope ready to bolt on. Most winches you have to spool and tension the line yourself. This cuts down on assembly time by about an hour.

  • Its simple to clock and easily attached to our Clutch Relocation Kit.

  • Comes with a sturdy black hawse fair-lead which looks great on the front of your truck!

The 10,000 lbs (10-s) version is a great size for Jeeps, and half-ton pickups. The 12,000 lbs (12-s) version is suited for half-tons loaded with gear, and heavier 3/4 and 1 ton pickups. When in doubt you can never go wrong with the larger sized motor!

This product requires a mounting kit. Check out our line of Hidden Winch Mounts Here

If you want to add wireless controls to this winch, we recommend the WARN Wireless Hub which will allow you to control your WARN winch wirelessly with your phone.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Ken Burns
WARN VR EVO 12-S [103255]

First off I've always bought Warn winches for all of my offroad vehicles for the last 20 years. I have always used the wired plug-in style remote so I was pleasantly surprised when I received my winch with a wireless remote, Only to find out that there was a re-call on the wireless remote. Anyway, I continue to install my winch and try the wireless remote to find out it works. I'm not sure what is going on so I try to research the problems to find out Warn is offering a recall in if I disable remote I would receive a rebate. In my research I find that Warn makes a remote that I must use my phone to make the remote work. No thanks, I will not be pulling my phone out when I am stuck and risk dropping or breaking in the mud. I will continue to use my winch until this remote fails and then order a remote from Harbor Freight for half the cost of Warn's remote that uses my phone. The reason I have always relied on Warn winches is because they work when I need them to. I don't recall ordering my winch with wireless remote and nowhere in the documentation or order information does it talk about this recall so I have to assume there was some sort of manufacturing problem that they did not want to address and left inventory up to shops to deal with which in turn pushed products to the customer to deal with. I'm surprised and disappointed. I could have bought a competitors merchandise for less than what I paid for this winch. Hopefully that is the only manufacturing defect in this winch and it gives me the same confidence my other winches have. Only time will tell. This is not a very flattering review, and it is ok with me if you do not publish it. I would have not written this if you haven't asked.

Brian Ray
Great product.

Great quality. Shipping was a little long but well made product. Instillation was super easy.

Justin Rings
EVO 12S on 2017 Rebel

The prep and installation were very easy, between the included instructions and the YouTube videos it went very smoothly. I get a lot of positive comments on the hidden winch. I haven’t had to pull any of my Ford buddies out yet, but the snow isn’t that deep yet. ;)

Michael D

WARN VR EVO 12-S [103255]

Shaun Bowker
Mega wagon

Pretty simple except rotating the clutch housing