Safety & Liability: Product Use


Your safety is extremely important to us. Most of our product require installation and working on vehicles has ever-present hazards which require precautions at all times to avoid injury or death. We recommend bringing your vehicle to a trained professional for installing any of our products. If you choose to install the product yourself: we’ve outlined some precaustions to take below in order to help you make informed decicions about your safety before installing any of our products. This is not an exhaustive list, and you must use your own good judgment before performing any work in each step of this installation. ALWAYS:

  •  wear eye protection
  •  wear steel toe footwear
  •  use tire blocks and emergency brake
  •  understand proper use of tools before use
  •  disconnect battery(s)
  •  work on a flat surface
  •  use care when moving components
  •  use care when lifting components
  •  route electrical cables away from moving parts
  •  insulate cables
  •  identify all pinch points
  •  jack your vehicle from the OEM’s lifting points
  •  wear gloves
  •  torque all fasteners to suggested specs
  •  identify slipping and tripping hazards
  •  remove any hazards before starting on the job


All liability for installation and use of any of our products rests with the owner. Installation, maintenance, and operation can result in serious injury or death as well as equipment or vehicle damage. Use all of our products at your own risk.