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Control Box Relocation Kit | Smittybilt GEN2 | Universal Mounting
Control Box Relocation Kit | Smittybilt GEN2 | Universal Mounting

Control Box Relocation Kit | Smittybilt GEN2 | Universal Mounting

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This kit relocates your Smittybilt Winch Control Box to the engine bay of your truck.

Why do I need this?

This upgrade has multiple advantages.

Firstly - this makes plugging in your winch controller very easy and safe. Simply pop your hood and plug it in. The control box on the Smittybilt X20 winch has an On/Off button on it that activates the wireless signal - this gives you easy access to it! This also makes charging your wireless remote a breeze.

Secondly - the control box is the least waterproof and most likely part to cause your winch to fail. Moving it to the top of the engine bay keeps the contactors and electrical connections away from submersion in water, mud and road grime.

Thirdly - Not all winches can fit behind a bumper because the control box interferes. This kit solves that problem and adds function at the same time.

What length do I need?

Most applications require 6 feet or less. The winch comes with the ground cable 6' long which is almost always long enough.

Using a piece of rope, route where you want to mount your control box in your engine bay within 1.5 feet of your battery (+) and  down to the electrical terminals on your Smittybilt Winch. Measure the length of this rope to determine what length you require for your kit. Make sure you give yourself enough slack, its better to be a bit too long than too short.


- Control Box Mounting Bracket (Powder Coated Black)

- Self Threading Mounting Hardware

- New 24" Power Cable

- Winch Wiring Harness Extension pre-made to length specified with color coded ends and packaged neatly in Automotive loom

- Installation Instructions

VICE Quality

All kits are manufactured in house with North American Sourced Cables and Connectors. All materials and components in this kit were chosen because they were higher quality than what comes with your winch; That way its up to the task when you need it!


This product fits the Smittybilt X20 GEN 2 and XRC lines of winches in both Steel Cable and Synthetic applications.

For GEN 3 winches see our associated GEN 3 specific relocation kit.


 Check out the video below to see how strait forward the installation is. Note this was performed on the WARN VR EVO winch. The method is the same for the Smittybilt. We will release a video soon showcasing a GEN3 X20.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great quality and value

Very good quality and would recommend. Used for the relocation of a different brand winch in a Bronco. Worked perfectly. Thanks!

Adam Nemethy
Great part great company

Everything worked great!!

Worked great for my 4runner

Used the 6ft kit to relocate the control box under the hood. Winch mounted in the c4 fab bumper.

Carlos Sanzon
Awesome great product

Was easy to install great product rugged ridge winch highly recommended it

Cesar Meza
Smittybilt x20 10k

Excellent product it made my install easy I relocated the main box on the passenger side of my 4Runner 2021, 6ft cable was good for my application