OUR Team

Meet our team leaders.


Steven Borza - Fabrication
p (250) 714-3231        e borza@vicedesign.ca

Steven is a certified Welder B with fabrication experience in mining , automotive, and industrial applications. 

Quinton Calverly - Mechanical Design
p (250) 5800755        e quinton@vicedesign.ca

Quinton is a mechanical engineer-in-training with experience in formula motor sports, computer-aided design/manufacturing, off-road vehicle design and construction.


James Boileau, EIT - Electrical Design, Business Manager
p (250) 739-2049        e james@vicedesign.ca

James is an electrical engineer-in-training with experience in industrial power design, control systems, robotics, energy systems, and business development.


Allen Houle, EIT - Engineering Manager
p 250-507-5490        e allen@vicedesign.ca

Allen is an electrial engineer-in-training with experience in after-market automotive systems.